Internet Marketing  and SEO Scams

Internet Marketing and SEO Scams

How Do You Avoid Throwing Away Money? SEO is a term that is often misused by people who claim to be SEO specialists. Some of these people are real predators in our industry and make the rest of us look bad. For their behavior we struggle to defy the character assaults by industry experts who take a condescending tone with "the SEO industry" which makes people wonder if there is any value to this practice. I have the same question about dental checkups. My toothpaste says if I brush daily I can avoid getting cavities. Done deal! I don't need a dentist. I will admit that there is more schooling involved in being a dentist and maybe it's not a great analogy. SEO is for real people. What isn't real are many of the folks who may lack the experience to be managing your particular busin...
Link Exchanges: BEWARE!!

Link Exchanges: BEWARE!!

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Link Exchanges: If you sell horses then maybe putting links for a law firm on your site isn't the most effective use of contextual link exchanges. Think about your linking strategy and where you want your links to appear as well as what links you want to allow to link back from your website. Mass produced backlinks with automated software solutions gives you links that aren't usually contextual. Investing in this type of software is more likely to cost you time and frustration as well as search engine penalization if you're not careful. Beware of services who promise 100s of backlinks for a small fee. Finding and acquiring quality and contextual backlinks is a science and not something that can be done without some intuitive labor.