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Online Gaming SEO and Internet Marketing Solutions

Online Gaming SEO and Internet Marketing Solutions

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The newbies who learned SEO online may be shocked to see that 90% of the rules get thrown out the window when marketing gaming websites. Why? Because the gaming companies run thousands of affiliates off of a master affiliate style system with a scripted page and generic {meta keyword} fields that don't get well indexed by search engines. Approaching gaming websites like a typical business will lead ultimately to cost overruns and a failed effort with over utilization of resources. Once you get past the experimenting and the trial and error  the key to accomplishing quality organic marketing is to rely more upon social bookmarking and other sharing options. Being able to display citations, snippets and other references to your gaming site is going to be what builds the needed re
Can You Control Your Internet Traffic Like This?

Can You Control Your Internet Traffic Like This?

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For years we have been able to help throttle traffic on websites based on keywords and other search methods. Now We Have it Mastered.  Do you want to be found in the same place(s) as your competitors? This is what it looks like when we train your traffic to do what you want. This Is the SEO Dashboard doing what it does.

Internet Poachers

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Introducing a discussion forum on 3rd party agencies who brutally poach your clients and steal them with lies and manipulation on topics that the clients are too shy to admit that they don't understand. This is where client communication is critical to make sure that these things are introduced because rarely will a vendor, service provider, SEO agency, get the chance to defend anything they do before another company suddenly has your client's website pointing to their DNS. Mistakes to Avoid. Coming Soon. Like to be notified when this discussion continues. This is a direct quote from the link to the right of the folks in a tug of war.   I set out to write more on this topic because too often w...

Law Firm SEO that makes Justia and other Attorney Marketing Sites Obselete

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If someone handed you a flyer that had a list of 1000 attorneys how would you go about finding exactly what you need? You would probably call a friend, colleague, or search on Google. Specialized websites like Justia for finding attorneys benefit one company and that is Justia. Unless you pump a lot of money into a system like theirs you will absolutely not get the exposure to justify the spend. There are actually a number of factors to consider with services like theirs. They own your content. They control everything. You have no access to the file system, the server, customization, etc. SEO is locked down to a degree that you don't have options for improving upon their outdated platform so ultimately the only benefit for your investment is that you might get a few leads ev...