Cyber Crimes and Alerts

Samara Oblast – Russian Hacking or SPAM Referral to your website?

Cyber Crimes and Alerts
Samara Oblast is a region in Russia that will easily drive more than 1,000 inquiries to your website every month. This is not always good traffic.   Now when we look at a daily cyber attack report to the same server we can see the break down of Brute Force attacks by country and by danger level Brute force attacks to hack passwords or failed logins, #5,  Russia, #1,  Philippines, #1,  -, #1,  -, #1,  -, #1,  -, #1,  -, #1,  Poland, #1,  -, #1,  -, #6,  -, #1,  -, #1,  -, #1,  -, #1,  -, #1,  - Brute force attacks to find accounts 91.22


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This has been referenced indirectly at We read about it but now we got the phone call.  Please read on for your own safety. Be aware and I suggest that anyone who reads this posts it on their Facebook wall to let everyone they know. For those who know me my background is in Internet fraud and internet security. This is a very real and very important alert. I will follow this up with more extensive background as soon as I find out more. Please read on: There is a company calling themselves Microsoft Windows and they are calling people directly claiming that their computers will become disabled in 24 hours if they do not access your computer remotely to perform a security fix. What they explained is something I ha