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Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page optimization is a unique science. Many companies will create hundreds of landing pages which are essentially duplications of one page of your website that are customized to focus on different keywords. This will get you penalized and you can lose your rankings as fast as you earned them. Be careful. Have a professional manage this service for you. Do it right.
SEO Shopping Cart

SEO Shopping Cart

It seems so easy to grab an "SEO Friendly Shopping Cart" from a reputable vendor. Without a doubt most of these are in fact SEF (search engine friendly). To draw a parallel with this we invite you to purchase an Indy 500 Friendly race car. Without proper training or a certain level of experience there are going to be limits of what can be accomplished. One of the reasons for these limitations is that totally effective SEO involves the cooperation of a lot of different tasks. A shopping cart is part of a larger mechanism so it's important to be able to integrate your shopping cart with  your overall marketing system. The tool itself will provide an SEO Friendly Shopping Cart and this will give you a little organic SEO juice. If you want to make this more effective we recommend that