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How to fix the Drupal n/a error and deleting users error

Today Tech Tips
You first need to open phpMyAdmin and select your Drupal database. Once you have selected your database you need to go in and select the SQL command button and enter the following command: SELECT node.* FROM node LEFT JOIN users ON node.uid=users.uid WHERE users.uid IS NULL; This command tells your database to delete all the nodes where the user information is null, or nothing. This occurs when Drupal deletes the user account from the database. Here is a screenshot of the command. Hit GO after you cut and paste it. It may take a couple of minutes for this command to work, so don't panic. The more nodes you have in your Drupal databse the longer it's going to take. When it comes back you'll see the following. You want to select all the results and hit the red X for delet...

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page optimization is a unique science. Many companies will create hundreds of landing pages which are essentially duplications of one page of your website that are customized to focus on different keywords. This will get you penalized and you can lose your rankings as fast as you earned them. Be careful. Have a professional manage this service for you. Do it right.