Complete Marketing and Security Audit with SEO



Complete Organic Marketing Ground Up Installation

Local Search and Google Business, Yelp, and other Business listings

This listing is relevant for all businesses to show that they have a presence that is officially recognized and indexed with search engines. It also gives an opportunity for people to leave Reviews which can be very helpful for businesses who provide quality service to their customers.

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Website Security

Websites big and small need to be secure from even the smallest attacks which sometimes are only a nuisance. Other times an attack on a site can affect clients and other issues. We make sure a website is secure to minimize your risk and the risk of visitors to your site.

  • Security risk assessments are essential for discovering risk and defining appropriate mitigation strategies that fit your company’s objectives. There are two components to security assessments:
  • Security Reviews (often called security audits) provide a complete process for defining security risk strategies based upon your objectives, security posture and status and
  • Security tests such as penetration testing, vulnerability testing and phishing tests which diagnose actual vulnerabilities in specific areas of your security infrastructure.

Also Includes:

The ability to fully market your website by simply entering your website and a few simple keywords

Keyword Research Tool for choosing the best keywords for your website

All of your own Social Media accounts with

Your own Admin panel to easily manage marketing campaigns

Monitoring of your website updates via RSS feed or SItemap:
Integration with Google Webmaster Tools (a.k.a. Search Console) to maximize search engine indexing with your website’s Sitemap.

Full website Optimization tools to make sure your site is ready to be promoted on a tier equal or better than your competition

WEB CEO Dashboard for handling 100s of different tasks on your internet marketing campaigns