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High Tech News

Staying up to date on security is too important to overlook. From your website to your home PC you can be vulnerable to things which will turn a business inside out. Protect your clients as well as your business and make sure you are being proactive against the various cyber threats that are knocking on your door over 300 times a day.

Everything Your Computer Guy Thinks he knows about SEO

seo-geekIt’s the oldest story in the book.

My friend knows computers” or “my nephew is going to manage our Internet marketing“.

I have a friend who watched some financial freedom videos and now thinks he is going to be a day trader working from home. It must be that easy if everyone is doing it. How many people are succeeding?… Continue reading

Create an .htaccess file, or edit an existing .htaccess file to filter and block SPAM REFERRERS

Creating a quality .htaccess file can be a cornerstone in the fight against SPAM and other unwanted traffic.

Most websites get an overwhelming amount of garbage traffic from a lot of places that are of no benefit to their website.

Bad traffic doesn’t have any value and often will cause your website to suffer from a variety of penalties in numerous Internet arenas.

Add this little… Continue reading

More Amazing Search Engine Results – Increase Quality Traffic with No Limits!

When these steps are followed we have a 100% SUCCESS RATE!

Our system continues to prove that there are no limits to what can be achieved.

Month after month we are driving quality traffic to our client websites.

Here are just 3 screenshots of increases that show the same period this year compared to last year.

How is this done?

Websites, processes, marketing, design and implementation… Continue reading